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This September …La Bohème – ‘a knife-edge dynamism that makes it irresistible….

La Boheme FRONTTragedy is built into every bar of this opera…and yet, Puccini also packs in the exuberance and immediacy, the joie de vivre, of being young and free. This gives La Bohème a knife-edge dynamism that makes it irresistible.’ (Jenny Miller, Director)

Barefoot Opera’s captivating new production, La Bohème, gets right to the heart of the romance and tragedy of one of the world’s most celebrated loves stories.

Increasingly known for their fresh, energetic ensemble style productions, Barefoot Opera’s production promises to inspire, surprise and delight. Combining physical theatre, dance and music, the aim is to place the audience deep within the magic of opera.

 ‘I am particularly pleased to present La Bohème with the Barefoot Opera spirit… that is, with a very young cast and a very ‘gypsy’ band, to allow this opera, so often predictably staid and performed by stars in their forties, a sense of real youthfulness.’ (Jenny Miller, Director)

Whilst the tragic story of La Bohême has been frequently reworked, copied and reproduced – famously in the romantic drama film ‘Love Story’ in 1970 – where two young lovers are pulled apart by fatal illness, director Jenny Miller is determined to bring a fresh dimension to this often-staged opera. In this latest production, youth and passion are championed in a dark world: La Bohême will involve an international cast of outstanding young professionals.

Designer Jane Bruce continues her expressive, painterly collaboration with Barefoot Opera, bringing a further youthful edge to this production with her own spin on a city transfigured by art.

Whether you’re a La Bohème devotee, or a complete novice to opera, this should be a production like no other!

Ticket information available on the Barefoot Opera website:


Friday 8th September: St Mary In the Castle, Hastings

Thursday 21st September: Norden Farm Arts Centre, Maidenhead

Saturday 23rd September: St Leonards Church, Shoreditch London

Thursday 28th September: St Leonards Church, Shoreditch London

Saturday 30th September: St Mary In the Castle, Hastings

Friday 6th October: Ropetackle, Shoreham

Friday 13th October: Wooburn Arts Festival, Beaconsfield

Saturday 14th October: Wolfson College, Oxford