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Brighton Science Festival is back October 20th – 31st 2018

BSF_2018_poster_imageAnother bout of entertaining talks, eye-opening shows and hands-on workshops. After  the huge success of this years February programme we’re now bringing another bout of 40+ events to our new home in the October half-term. We’re here for those whose curiosity can’t wait another year.
Hands-On Half Term, Various Venues, Oct 20th-26th
Extraordinary people show young people how to make extraordinary things. This full weekof workshops offers a wide range of activities and experiences, from watching hilariousscience shows to learning new skills like paleontology and programming. Kids can get messywith soap and slime, exploding tubs and vomiting pumpkins. They’ll also have close encounters with mosquitos, live bats and the world’s ugliest animals before exploring outerspace, building robots and letting off rockets. Health and safety won’t know what’s hit it.
Big Science Saturday, One Church, Oct 27th
A whole day of direct and engaging talks aimed at adults. A variety of topical subjects will becovered by a bill of top experts including bestselling science author Brian Clegg and TomWhipple, science editor for The Times. We’ll look at the linguistic conflicts that divide theEnglish and American languages; the 16th century origins of quantum physics; and howscientific discoveries are changing the gender debate. We also have Isabella Tree from theKnepp rewilding project who has overseen an extraordinary increase of wildlife on what wasonce an unsustainable West Sussex farm.
The Monstrous Day, Sallis Benney Theatre, Oct 28th
Marking the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein, we explore the ramifications of Mary Shelley’s startling prophecy: designer babies, body donation, transhumanism, robots,artificial intelligence and the cloud-monsters of Google and Facebook. Former editor of NewScientist magazine, Michael Brooks, joins a selection of engaging pop science presenters toinvestigate what makes us human with mini talks and open discussions. Getting involved is
the best way to grasp the issues, but you’ll likely leave with a brain full of new questions.
Other highlights include:
Blast Science: Steve’s Space-travaganza, Rialto Theatre, Oct 22nd
Pocket Science Funfair, i360, Oct 22nd-24th
Robin Ince, Ropetackle Arts Centre, Oct 23rd
Live Brain Dissection, University of Sussex, Oct 24th
The Ugly Animal Roadshow, Friends Meeting House, Oct 24th
Look Up with Simon Watt, Friends Meeting House, Oct 24th
Ian B Dunne: The Wrong Stuff, Latest Music Bar, Oct 25th
Rocket Factory, i360, Oct 25th-26th
Now That’s What I Call A Lot Of Songs About Science, Komedia, Oct 27th
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